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Digital Learning


Technology at work in Thomas County Schools



The vision of the Thomas County Schools Instructional Technology Department is to provide all students with access to state-of-the-art technology resources which will increase their ability to become empowered learners and responsible digital citizens who have the necessary skills and proficiencies for the next level of education and today’s workforce.


By staying up-to-date on the latest instructional technology tools, we work together to provide leadership and support to teachers, staff members, and students as they use technology to transform learning.


GOAL 1: Prepare and maintain a reliable network that provides access to available resources for staff, students, and community stakeholders.

GOAL 2: Increase instructional technology use through equitable access.

GOAL 3: Improve student academic performance through the use and integration of technology for mastery of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and/or other relevant course standards.

GOAL 4: Provide state-of-the-art learning environments for computer science and coding education.

GOAL 5: Increase student awareness of the responsibilities of living and working in a digital environment.

GOAL 6: Increase the application and use of technology to enhance job performance, productivity, and collaboration between stakeholders.

GOAL 7: Utilize technology to enhance parent/community communication and collaboration in student achievement.


Middle School students using technology for learning






Computer Science and Coding Education



Google for Education

Google For Education
Google Reference District
Thomas County is a Google Reference District! Click on the logo above for more information and video tutorials.  



Buzz Holding Computer

Our school system provides devices (either iPads or Chromebooks) in all classrooms from PreK to 12th grade. Our high school students are issued Chromebooks for use both at school and at home. 

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